Saturday, November 3, 2012

Her Desperate Choice Synopsis and Spoiler

Her Desperate Choice Part 1

At the beginning of the movie a woman named Jodi is stuffing the suitcases with clothes and escaping from a home in the middle of the night. Her little girl is with her.

The police arrive at the father's place of work asking if he knows where his daughter is. He informed them that his daughter is staying at a foster home. The police then informed him that his daughter was reported missing from the foster home.

They go to visit Jody's mother at first, but they have spent the night elsewhere. The police come looking for her at her mother's home. But, she has already gone to a shelter with her daughter.
Jody takes her daughter to another doctor who sees evidence that she has been molested. The doctor tells her mother that she has warts that need to be surgically removed. Jody is so angry that she calls her husband to blame him for her condition. He accuses her of finding a doctor that finally agreed with her.

In the meantime there is a warrant out for Jody's arrest because she violated a court order and kidnapped her daughter Samantha. She had no right to take Samantha because she was a ward of the state at the time.

She contacts a woman from the Underground Network. The contact from the Underground Network informs her of how her life will be on the run. She tells her where to go and her new name. She also gives her the name of the person who will be helping her in the new state. She cannot call her former friends or family.